searches à la carte

With COSMOS we carry out 4 types of searches, which we understand cover the complete needs that any organization can need in internet.

  • Searches thematic or of contents: They are those that we use for looking for specific contents in internet and the social networks. They are used for looking for the name|noun of the brand, of the campaign, the name of the president, etc and bringing all those hits of information that contain the chain of search which we are trying to locate.
  • The searches geolocates , are those that act on the live captured contents. A geographical search or geolocate serves us for capturing trends, to know of what talks the people, which are the subjects that interest them them and to be able to advance us to the tastes or needs for the people.
  • The searches of My Radar can be very different. It consists in every organization defining who is their radar. Who is my competence, my friends, my reviewers, my referents or any group that occurs to us or we can need, in such a way that we are capable of knowing what is what says each of those groups, extracting conclusions or else comparing with what interests us.
  • The searches of My Action it is the search that allows me to have the metrics of my own social action, with the aim of knowing how we are influential in internet and which real repercussion has what we make.